Lime Crime – Riot Review

Now, I know I said that this post was going to be up in the day time but I got heavily distracted. My parents are going away on holiday tomorrow to Thailand, so I’ve been busy with them packing and telling me where they think of going and what they’re doing etc. Also my boyfriend is staying with me for the whole two week duration, while they’re away.

In the morning (afternoon, as I awoke at 1pm) I got up and did my make-up, this being just primer and mascara. Then I opted for the Riot lipstick as I knew I was going to review it. When I opened up the frosty bottle it smelled familiar like that of vanilla, again it was so heavenly. I do really like this lipstick, the smell, colour, packaging. For me it’s an A+.

For my skintone this lipstick looked amazing, again like I said on my previous post as I’m quite pale it looked really nice on my lips. It apparently even made me looked more tanned… Which is a plus I think? Anyway, I wore this lipstick all day. I tried the kiss test however, but it did leave a little bit of residue on Joe’s (boyfriend’s) cheek.

Overall with this lipstick of Riot, it’s a winner. I love it. My mum even loves it, she tried it and wiped off the excess on the side of the bottle, which I unfortunately screamed at my mother as it left the stain on the side of the glass. I like things to be clean*.

I forgot to really write down my review when I was trying on my make-up. I decided to play on WoW (World of Warcraft) and my boyfriend was playing Dark Souls II. So I was kind of pre-occupied. Also, I have just got back from a meal. It’s now 10:07 pm. Yes, I did just say I’ve got back from a meal at 10:07. Crazy… Anyway my review is that it’s a creamy lipstick, I adore the smell. It’s literally so sweet and vanilla like, almost like a cupcake. Then, as I tested it onto my lips it looked so dark and beautiful. I will post some pictures below, but honestly it looks so good!

I’m deciding on maybe buying a few more of the Velvetine shades as they are so matte and perfect. I may have gone overboard and put on far too much on my lips but I was just testing it out, but it still looked okay, to me at least.

My favourite out of the two, would have to be Cashmere, hands down. I loved the greyish tones, and the dusty colour. It was so matte too! I love that, I love how matte these lipsticks are, I honestly can’t tell that I’m wearing lipstick. I love this feeling! I may have to wear these lipsticks for everything I do now.

Tara, xoxo


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