Lime Crime – Review of Cashmere

I believe that it was early 2013 – late 2014 that I had discovered Lime Crime for the first time. I was in complete awe of their products when I first set eyes upon them, even if they were wacky colours they were beautiful. The lipsticks are what I was first drawn to as being the first section within the website I started there, and the colours are so rich and vibrant, like that of the Yellow – New Yolk City, and the Green – Mint to Be and among their radical colour palette.

Another product I loved the look of is the ‘Venus’ Palette. Now as this is an American company obviously the money is in dollars, which I have no quarrels with, apart from when changing is considered. This palette costs $42, which in the GBP it’s £26.67, and then with $10 shipping with that being £6.35 altogether it’s £33.02. Even though this isn’t necessarily pricey, it’s just I think for me and with how I am with money (that being tight), it’s a little bit too much for me? However, maybe in the future aka a few weeks I may purchase this.

I do love this palette, the colours for me are just superb. I love the deep red tones that it is and together with the beautiful packaging is to die for. It’s really a work of art. This eyeshadow palette to me screams moody, adolescent no good for nothing teenagers. Maybe you think different, but to me it screams Angst.


However, the main reasoning for this post was to talk about the product that I have already purchased and received in the mail. This product being the Velvetines lipstick. I have been infatuated with the Velvetines collection since I saw them on the website when I first came across Lime Crime. The main reasoning for this love, is that these lipsticks are liquid to matte, now for me I don’t really wear lipstick. I hardly wear it. Although the thought that these lipsticks are matte really made me want to see if I could wear lipstick. Also I bought a shade that was like a nude and the other a dusty pale red.

The colours that I chose to buy were that of ‘Riot – Marsala‘ and ‘Cashmere – Greige‘. These two colours for me personally were just too beautiful not to buy. I loved seeing them on Instagram, especially Cashmere and thought to just go for it and buy them! I purchased these on the 12th June, and I received them in the mail on 26th June. Overall, I thought this was a very good time scale, since they were coming all the way from California. I received my package and was totally thrilled as I remembered what it was that I had ordered. So I quickly unwrapped the yellow tissue paper and their inside was my two beautifully packaged lipsticks. Trust me, the packaging is perfect so kitsch.

Each of the Velvetine lipsticks costs around $20.00 so again, for GBP that’s £12.75 which I think is pretty cheap, as MAC costs around £14 a lipstick. When I retrieved the Cashmere lipstick from it’s cute packaging, I could see how the frosted glass of the bottle made it look so unique. I have never really seen frosted glass on lipsticks before, so I maybe just completely new to this*. I also like how the feel of the lid is, I liked the embossed feeling of the roses and of course the name Lime Crime.

Now the colour of Cashmere is already amazing but as I’m quite fair skinned, I thought and hoped that this may look reasonably well on my skin tone. I’ve seen many other light skinned girls wearing this and showcasing it on Instagram and they pull it off really well. I just hoped that I would be one of them too!

// Okay so I went to try on Cashmere and OH MY GOD! I am in awe. I love it. I honestly love, love, love this colour. It’s so perfect. The smell of it too it like Vanilla. No lie. VANILLA! This lipstick literally glided onto my lips like being kissed from a fairy, okay maybe not a fairy but you get the idea. Yeah, in all seriousness though this is by fair the best lipstick I’ve tried apart from MAC’s Cyber.

I’m not even going to take this lipstick off… I’m going to do another review tomorrow on RIOT – MARSALA because, well this post is getting long already… but I really do not want to take it off. Truly, I do not want to take off this lipstick. I know, I know it doesn’t take long to take it off and quickly put on a new lipstick. But seriously, this Cashmere is like my new favourite. I’m going to keep wearing this till it goes out of fashion. I don’t even care. Greige lips is my new fave.

Come back tomorrow and see the wonderful review of RIOT – MARSALA, if it’s anything like CASHMERE, then I know it’s going to be fab

Tara, xoxo


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